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Large Consignments

Whether you are moving, downsizing, closing a business or managing an estate, the task can be overwhelming. Dad’s can help. We can evaluate your consignment onsite and help you determine the best way to achieve maximum value with the least effort. A formal appraisal is also available if you choose not to consign but wish to have an estimate of the market value. Contact us for details.

Many customers with lots of equipment have a yard sale, give things away or try to sell themselves. In some cases this works, but in most cases the time you lose and the hassles you encounter may overshadow the return. With Dad’s, we advertise to thousands of people daily and we can wait for the right buyers for your equipment. Dad’s typically will get 30-50% higher sale prices than that of tag sales. This increased selling price will most often offset the consignment commissions.

Onsite pickups are available on consignments over $1,000 within a 15 miles radius of Newtown. Consignments over $2,500 are available for pickup within 30 miles. Smaller consignments or consignments outside of these areas may be available for pickup depending on size and location but may incur a pickup fee.

Buyouts may also be available in certain circumstances.

Dad’s uses the latest in online, cloud based Consignment Software which allows up to provide real time sales and inventory reports. We have handled consignments in excess of 1,000 items with complete accuracy. We are certain we can handle your consignment no matter how large or small.

Don’t let our size fool you. The retail space is small, but we currently have 3 large storage areas onsite and offsite and looking to add a full warehouse in the next few months with a loading dock. If we need more space to handle your consignment, we will get it.

We specialize in tools, outdoor equipment, trade specific equipment, antique and newer woodworking equipment, some recreational equipment and limited collectibles. We will consider other consignments outside of these markets if they fit within our customer demographic.

So let us help you get the best value with the least effort.

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Store Address:
317 South Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470

Store Address

317 S. Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470


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