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For Buyers

Where does your inventory come from?

Great question. The inventory comes from a variety of sources. Contractors, Estates, people downsizing or moving to other areas or just the guy down the street that doesn’t need it anymore. Just about every household can be a customer to save money on that one time project or get money back from tools that would have just been lying in the garage.

You have a pretty small location, do you have more products available than what is in the store?

YES! We stock the most popular items in the store but we maintain several warehouses nearby that house additional inventory. You can click on the product inventory icon and it will take you to our online eBay catalog.

Unfortunately we can’t post everything there, but we usually put items $50 and more on the site. We also post many new arrivals on Facebook and large equipment online through various social media sites. If you need a product that may be online but not in the store, contact us and we can be sure to bring it into stock at the shop. Give us a days notice is usually best.

What is a “Wish List”?

Dad’s Consignment offers the opportunity to put in a wish list for projects you may be planning. We will be on the lookout for products that match your project needs and will email you when something comes in. No obligation to buy, but it can save you a lot of money if you have the time to plan ahead. Either fill out the online form, or simply email and will we start working on it.

We are interested in purchasing a product from you but concerned about it not working properly after we get it home. What is your return policy?

Dad’s Consignment attempts to test all equipment before accepting it for consignment so it should be in good shape before you purchase, however some products cannot be tested for full functionality. If a defect should arise Dad’s offers a limited 7 days return policy on most tools and equipment unless stated otherwise at time of purchase.

Given the nature of tools, the return policy is limited in the fact that someone could buy the equipment, use it for their specific purpose and return it saying it doesn’t work. If we feel the item is working properly, damaged through accident or purposely, or the return policy was abused beyond normal business conditions, we will not return the product.

What is the Preferred Return Consignment Program?

If you only need the product only for a limited time, Dad’s offers a Preferred Return Consignment program (PRC) as a great alternative to renting. The PRC program offers customers who re-consign a previously purchased product at a preferred consignment rate.

For example- You purchase a $200 Hardwood Floor nailer for a two week project. When you return it, our typical consignment rate would be a 60% Consignee/40% Store split. With the PRC program, we would offer you the preferred rate of 70% /30% as a thank you for your business. A two week rental of a Hardwood Floor nailer would easily be over $100 ( probably a lot more) but with the PRC program it is usually less than $60 and you can use it at your leisure.

The PRC program works great on products that have a consistent demand as they will usually sell quickly and at comparable prices to the original purchase. Highly specialized items may take longer to sell and the pricing may vary from the original price depending on market conditions.

Tag Sales Ebay Dad’s
Secure location where cash or credit card sales can be transacted safely No No Yes
Abilty to test products prior to purchase Sometimes No Yes
Shipping charges No Yes No
Return policy No Depends Yes
Buy it today, use it today Depends No Yes
Buyback program No No Yes
Follow us on Facebook or our website for the latest information about the store No No Yes
Ability to put in a “wish list” of products you might be in the market for future projects No No Yes


For Sellers

Why should I consign my product rather than sell at tag sale or online?

Great question and require two different answers.

Tag Sales The main advantage of tag sale is that you get paid immediately. The disadvantages are many but your time and your money are the two greatest. Items typically sell at 25%-50% of their value at tag sales. Buyers are looking for deals and if the price isn’t right, they will walk. Buyers know you have a limited time to sell and especially on the last day, will beat you up to get the best price. If you have items over $50 consigning will 9 times out of 10 be the better option. We get a higher price, we market to the people looking for that product and you don’t lose your weekend.

Online We sell 30-40% of our equipment online so we know it is a good option, but not for everyone. Online selling takes time and knowledge. Researching pricing, listing it, waiting for the sale and then shipping it. You can do the local online sales but those are filled in scammers, no shows and tire kickers. About half the local sales we have set up don’t show, renegotiate even if you already agreed to a price and sometimes just don’t buy. Save your time and insure you are getting market value for your equipment. Try Dad’s.

Tag Sales Online Dad’s
Accepts Credit Cards, Paypal and Cash No Some Yes
Safe, secure local location to transact sales No No Yes
Has a local store that allows customers to test and tryout equipment Yes No Yes
Researches current and seasonal pricing to get you maximum value No No Yes
Actively promotes your product through multiple local and national channels to sell quickly No Some Yes
Ships products for you* No No Yes
Customers can buy today and use today Yes No Yes
Easy return policy No Depends Yes
Saves you time No No Yes

I see you consign tools, can I consign other things?

Dad’s specializes in all types of tools (power tools, outdoor equipment, generators, testing equipment and related products) for our in store consignments. However we are open to other products that would be interesting to our client base. Adult sporting goods, recreational vehicles, collectibles, man cave decor and more.

Products too large, too specialized or otherwise difficult to keep in our facilities can still be listed on our website. Interested Buyers can see the product listing and then contact us for an appointment to see the product. We will then contact you to arrange a showing at our store.If the customer is interested, they would purchase it from Dads Consignment and the owner/Consignor would receive the Consignors pre-determined payment 15 days after the sale. The 15 business day policy is to allow for the 7 day return policy to pass and allow funds to clear before payment can be issued.If the Consignor would like for Dad’s to actively market their product to paid listing sites ( such as Ebay), Dad’s may require a small deposit to pay for expected listing fees.

Should the product listed on the website require the potential buyer to visit an off-site location that is not managed by Dad’s Consignment ( product owners business, home, storage facility, etc), Dad’s will require a deposit from the Consignor in the amount of the store’s commissions before a buyer meeting can be set. If the buyer chooses not to purchase the item, a refund will be issued after the sale is confirmed not to have completed.

What are your requirements to consign a product?

Product has to be clean and good working condition with all parts that are required to function in the manner the original manufacturer intended. Any product with evidence of leaks, significant rust or improper functioning will not be accepted. Products that are not clean and in a saleable condition may be assessed cleaning fees of no less than $5 per item. Excessively dirty or time consuming equipment may be assessed higher costs.

Gas powered equipment will be tested while the consignor is onsite to insure the equipment is functioning properly. Please insure enough gas in included to test at least 3-4 times for potential buyers.

Battery powered equipment must be able to hold a charge for 48 hours to be saleable or will be sold as “bare tool” at a significantly lower sale price.

I have never brought a product to consignment, can you tell me the process?

For small consignments of one or two products, we welcome you to stop into our shop during normal business hours.For larger consignments, we request setting an appointment so we can give you our fullest attention and quickest service. You can also submit a product or list of products to us via the website and we can have everything set up for when you come in. Contact for availability. When you stop in, we will evaluate the products and set you up as a Seller (Consignor). We will test the equipment, if possible while you are onsite but possibly within 48 hours if busy. We will compare the market pricing through online and previously sold items to determine an appropriate market value. We are happy to take input on pricing but we cannot guarantee we will sell at a particular price.

Commision rates as of 1/1/2017:

70% back to the owner for products that sell over $250
60% back to the owner for products that sell between $$50 and $250
50% back to the owner for products that sell under $50

Common hand tools – screwdrivers, hammers, etc are difficult for us to inventory and pay commissions so we will either offer a buyout or be unable to take depending on condition and age. Hand tools don’t sell for much and often don’t sell at all, so our buyout pricing is usually in the .10 to .25 per item.

Higher end brands and antique hand tools ( Snap-on, Estwing, etc) will be set up as normal commission rate. Typical Yard tools ( rake, shovels, etc) are also bought out at $1-$2 per item.

We do not take electronics, loose nuts and bolts, broken equipment, equipment missing proper accessories, furniture, toys ( children’s toys at least), clothing, appliances or dishes.

Shipping, listing and other associated costs will be deducted before the commissioned selling price is determined.

Dad’s will hold inventoried (in store) products up to 90 days unless otherwise noted. We may extend the consignment period if we feel the product is saleable in the near future. However if the product is deemed unsaleable, an immediate request for pickup may be made.

After 90 days we may request to have you pick up the item at which time you have 14 days to take possession of the item.

Items being returned to the Consignor may owe listing and other associated fees before the item is released. Items not picked up after 14 days will be considered abandoned and may become property of Dad’s, discarded or donated to local charities.

Once a sale of an item is completed, the buyer has 7 days to return the product. Dad’s will issue the Consignor’s payment on the 15th and 30th of the month after 7 business days has transpired. As an example, if a product sells on the 9th of the month, a check would be issued on the 30th or last day of the month.

For bulk consignments (Estates and Business closures for example) we can do an onsite evaluation to determine whether consignment or buyout is the best option for all parties. Pickup is available on products totally over $1,000 and will have consignment rate of 50% applied to all product unless other rates are specifically agreed to in writing. See our “Large Consignment” page for more details.

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